Reviews and Comments

"I have only positive things to say about your surf camp. The camp was well organized, balanced study and play, and the lessons were in-depth and presented in an articulate and compelling manner. The accommodations and beach front real estate can only be described as brilliant additions to this marvelous Catholic experience. I cannot encourage young people enough, whether they have questions about their faith, are looking for a place to discern their vocation, or seek time away to be with God, to go with Mr. Freymann to Hawaii. The Honolulu Surf Camp was not an experience I will quickly forget."

Robert D., Rome, Italy


"As each day passes, it becomes more and more evident how much this camp had an effect on my life. I came on this camp wanting to go away with the knowledge of how to surf and some spiritual guidance; I went home with so much more than I expected. I loved how intimate the camp was, the trips we went on are not the normal type of activities you would experience on an ordinary holiday. I felt privileged to have truly felt the Aloha spirit."

"The talks were on topics that really appealed to me, and I was able to get answers to some questions that have been troubling me for ages. Mass every morning, looking out onto the beach was beautiful and helped me to be truly thankful for what God has created. I never would have guessed how well surfing and faith go together. But now it is an analogy I use all the time. Surfing has taught me so much about myself and puts life into a whole new perspective. It has taught me patience, perseverance, to trust and to not be afraid. I finished the camp on the highest note! An early morning surf session, ending with catching my best wave yet and riding it all the way onto the beach. The way it has made me feel is indescribable and I really do recommend to all my friends to go on this camp if they get the chance."

Lynda S., Sydney, Australia


"I so enjoyed surf camp. The choice of activities was delightful and your schedule very workable - I felt well-rested and yet had full days, taking in much of the sites and flavors of Oahu. Activities I enjoyed: The luau, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki beach, beachfire night, swap meet, daily Mass, Confession time, engaging talks, and pertinent, interesting videos and of course, surf sessions. It was wonderful starting every morning with Mass and I enjoyed doing so with the locals, they're so fun and kind and it was great chatting and trying out their homegrown fruit. Sandra did a fabulous job putting meals together for us and the house had a wonderful family feel, I think this was especially nice for those who left their families behind to attend this - perhaps not knowing other attendees well, if at all. It was wonderful that you allowed relaxation time at the pool and I absolutely loved the beach fire night in the moonlight (that was magical to see the moonlit waves, trees and silhouetted mountains in the distance - never saw this on the Big Island). The DVDs on Soul Surfer and The Star of Bethlehem really stayed with me. They were fabulous and thought-provoking. I have already recommended them to family members and want to look up more information on the Star of Bethlehem online."

"I really enjoyed seeing the east-side of the island and was glad of the opportunity. The tall, steep lush mountains were so impressive. I'm glad we were able to take in the Swap Meet as well as the afternoon in Honolulu. It was pretty special to see Pearl Harbor and the Arizona. I found out later that a friend's uncle went down on the Arizona - I just wish I'd known in time to look up his name on the memorial. I've since watched a movie about Pearl Harbor and it means so much more to me now. Seeing Waikiki Beach and the Royal Hawaiian was thrilling too. It's such a colorful, lively beach and fun for people-watching. And the luau -wow! That was not to be missed. I am still writing up the evening in my journal of the Hawaiian vacation. I talked to a brother who was stationed for a while with the Navy in Hawaii. He said he attended it four times during his stay and always loved it. I am really impressed with how well you planned and executed the whole week. It's not easy to keep people on a schedule and be flexible with the various things that come up, but you did so and with good humor and patience. I think everyone had a good experience and got along well together. Thanks again for such a memorable time."

Mary Kate Z., Pasadena, California


"Our son Charles was 11 years old when he first attended surf camp, having been encouraged to attend by the chaplain at his school. Charles had very little prior exposure to surfing and was a recent convert to the faith, still learning the basic teachings and rites of the Church. Even as a veteran camper, the idea of this camp was rather daunting for him but he told us that he needed to go as he had promised his school chaplain. Although Charles was not a natural "surf dude," his achievements were happily celebrated by him, his counselors and his fellow campers. The combination of friendship, sun, surf, and living out the faith created an unbeatable summer experience. As we made plans for the following summer, we had only one imperative dictated by Charles: nothing should clash with the dates for surf camp!"

Gareth G., Atlanta, Georgia